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We provide a wide-range of floor coating solutions to suit your budget and your requirements.

  • Durable and Easy-To-Clean
  • Practical and Affordable for Industrial or Domestic Surfaces
  • Wide Range of Decorative Seamless Flooring
  • Hygenic & Allergy Free Floors
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Polished Concrete

Flawless Floorings polished concrete is one of our most popular

products because of it's low maintenance and easy to clean surface. From driveways to showroom floors to retail stores and more, our unique product is perfect for wither new concrete surfaces or existing ones.

No matter what the look of your concrete we can either enhance the old-style appearance you're used to or give your new concrete a touch of class or enhanced appearance depending on your preference of colour and style of polished concrete. No matter what your concrete requirements are we can add value, style and look to any surface no matter how big or small.


Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings

Flawless Flooring boasts a variety of seamless epoxy coatings tailor-made  for Commercial and Industrial floors.

Industrial strength Epoxy coatings are tough, low maintenance and durable floor coating that is resistance to chemicals, solvents,oil and grease. Good for forklifts,heavy machinery,trucks,trolleys and an easy surface to mop up oil spills.

Industrial Epoxy coatings is one of the most hygienic floors available for commercial kitchens,food preperation areas,factorys & industrial areas. Special joins can be made site with covings to eliminate joints in the floor. This helps with food prep areas and makes sure there are no health regulation problems with joins in the floor.
For extra safety measures non-slip additives can be added to coatings where required. Our Commercial and Industrial epoxy floor solutions are low maintenance, cost-effective and higly durable.

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Flake Flooring    

Flawless flooring seamless floors are so versatile that they can be tailor made to suit you kitchen,rumpus room, garage, or virtually any indoor or outdoor area. Our seamless flooring system will replace peeling and lifting paint, cover cracks and get rid of unattractive concrete. Our high quality flake flooring is the best alternative to the old floor tiles.

Flawless Flooring will cover your garage floor to provide a good-looking long-lasting finish that puts an end to non-stop dust from concrete being brought into your home day in and day out.


Concrete Sealer


Flawless Flooring offers an first class concrete sealing service for anything ranging from your old concrete driveways to new patio's or garages. No job is to small or too big to inject old worn out looking concrete areas with new life. To do this we have a range of colours to choose from as well as giving a gloss like finish that gives any area a well deserved face-lift.

Flawless Flooring concrete sealing products are guaranteed to bring life to whatever concrete areas you need sealing. This includes around your home, apartments, shopping centres, or wherever you want to upgrade your residential or commercial property.


To contact us regarding your Flooring needs simply click here or call 0429 613 513

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